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Code Solutions - Fez: There are three different codes or languages in Fez Many secrets and puzzles involve translating runes written in these. Security Question Room - Fez: This room has a floating purple tablet covered in runes. To solve the Security Question Room puzzle. Use our guide to find every Anti-Cube in tricky puzzle platformer Fez.

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Use the above cypher when reading rune sequences from TOP to BOTTOM. Copyright Ziff Davis, LLC An IGN Entertainment Games site. Check out these resources: The only in-game clue clearly tied to the monolith's solution was a "tome," a hard-to-find artifact that opened to reveal eight pages of text in the game's coded language. He too got hopelessly stuck on the monolith.


[Fez] - 6 Block Puzzle fez puzzles So is the g. This is just the surface-level appeal of Fez. R, JUMP, JUMP, RIGHT, RIGHT, R, LEFT, R to get the Anti-Cube. When you use it, spin it and then look through the eye piece. If you look at the walls directly across from each throne, you will see a line of tetromino symbols on. But those solvers had either stumbled onto the solution without knowing how they had done so, or else a source close to Fez developer Polytron had provided the answer.